maren torsnes

I’m a 22 y/o woman from Oslo. Studying Fashion Industry at SoFi (School of Fashion Industry).

For any questions you can mail me at:

Who is Maren Olivia?

Work? I work in a clothing store called SAMSØE & SAMSØE. I also do styling jobs and write a lot on my spare time. Hopefully I will give out a book in the future.

Why MONOGIRL?  My blog is called MONOGIRL because of my eyebrows. I have always had big brows, and when I was younger, I felt like a man because of them and began to pluck them in 5th grade. As I grew older I began to outgrow them, after accepting myself more for the way I look. If I had healed them all out, I probably had mono brows. Which means to have one brow, hehe. Therefore monogirl. A blog name with some of my vulnerability, character and humor in himself.

School? I am studying Fashion Industry at SoFi (School of Fashion Industry). We have subjects such as fashion journalism, marketing, entrepreneurship, styling, PR, law, product and value chain among other things.

Maren Olivia xx MONOGIRL