MOUs should never be prepared for the university`s header. Donor Database – The UA department is responsible for capturing and coordinating data from gifts made via the PMO in the donor database. The Development Foundation also accepts gifts to the President`s unlimited funds and general or non-specific scholarship funds. All donations of real estate, regardless of value, are subject to approval by the TSUS Board of Regents, in accordance with TSUS rules and regulations, Chapter 3, Section 1, Subsection 12. For the purposes of this policy, gifts are defined in such a way that they include: the value of «low-hold shares» (i.e. securities that are not publicly traded) must be determined by the donor as part of a steward`s assessment. Prior to adoption, the VPUA or Designee will check the proposed gift to ensure that there are no restrictions on the sale of the stock and that there is an available market. gifts in kind (including sponsorships from non-monetary companies) University staff can participate in fundraising for a limited fund. Faculty members and university staff notify uA and the Chair, dean or director of the intention to request gifts. Pending the approval of the President, Dean or Director, the VPUA may assign a faculty or project staff delegate. If benefits are offered to donors in return for their gift, these plans must be made available to the VPUA manager before the invitation, in order to allow for a correct reception.

In order to ensure good coordination, the VPUA may restrict individuals or entities who request their person or organization or any other request related to the invitation. If the donor wishes to complete an existing fund, the «Estate Intention Letter» or «Expected Gift Intention» form is sufficient to register the gift. Are you tired of getting your property, how to manage, pay the supply fees and repair bills? Consider giving property to the university in exchange for reliable payments for life for you (and someone else if you choose). If you organize a charitable pension, you receive a federal income tax deduction the year you install the gift pension when you break down your taxes. If you use estimated real estate to make a gift, you can usually eliminate capital gains tax on part of the gift and spread the rest of the profit over your life expectancy. A gift from unmortgaged property to finance a deferred gift pension is preferable and generates the greatest tax benefit.