University of Southern California Hotel Settlement Agreement – Resolution of the charge that a los Angeles, California hotel has not modified its facilities to make it easily accessible and usable by people with disabilities, where possible, resulting in insufficient accessible rooms with mobility features, an inaccessible check-in desk and an online reservation system that does not match the ADA. The agreement provides for the presentation to the department of architectural plans for renovated accessible guest rooms, with mobility features; Renovation of newly designated accessible guest rooms; The construction of a new or existing check-in desk; Updating the online reservation system to include accessible rooms as a booking option, a description of the accessibility features of these rooms and a description of the hotel`s accessibility features in general; And annual reports to the department. (2/21/2020) McKinley County, New Mexico Settlement Agreement — re: re: responds to a complaint that McKinley County polling stations are inaccessible to people with visual difficulties and that its voting program does not comply with Title II of the Americans Disabilities Act. The ministry identified architectural barriers, including inaccessible car parks, steep ramps and narrow doors. Under the agreement, McKinley County will begin to clean up its election platform before the next election; take transitional measures such as portable ramps, signage and open doors, as well as some permanent modifications such as paved car parks and ramps; Train conveyors; Accessibility survey offices; and select the polling stations that will be accessible during the elections. (6/6/19) Riverside Medical Clinic Settlement Agreement — Resolution of an allegation, That a health care provider in Riverside County, California, did not provide effective communication to a deaf patient, including repeatedly refusing to provide the patient with assistance and services other than video-reme interpretation (VRI), while the care provider`s VRI was not working, and by requiring the patient to provide her own interpreter appointments. The agreement includes the appointment of an ADA coordinator, written communication to staff and the public on effective communication policy, staff training, maintenance of a complaint report, maintenance of a attendance protocol for training, presentation of an annual report to the Department, $5,000 to the complainant for damages to compensation and $1,000 as a civil penalty. (6/3/2020) Jack Williams Stadium Settlement Agreement — re: Agreement on the physical accessibility of the facility`s toilets (22.12.17) Not sure you are in danger? Let`s take a look at several examples of groundbreaking complaints on the ADA website. Deerfield Inn and Suites Settlement Agreement — re: responds to the complaint that the Deerfield Inn – Suites refused a room to a veteran with a PTSD accompanied by a service dog. The transaction agreement requires the sponsor to grant access to people who use pets and to take the following steps: adoption and implementation of service dog guidelines; training staff and executives on canine service policy; publish the service policy for dogs at the hotel, on its website and in its advertising; and pay $5,000.00 in damages to the complainant. (21.10.19) Retailers and other businesses have been besieged by complaints that their websites are not accessible to visually impaired users in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act and similar state laws.