Jean-Michel is one of my absolute favorite artists. I love the way how he saw the world, and how he gets it up in every painting. It fascinates and inspires me that he painted and drew so much. As 27 years he drawed 1,000 images. I’ve always had this kind of fear if I ever gave out anything, and it is expected a sequel or something that will be just as well that pressure stops me. Something I think happens with many artists. But he played out freely of everything he took in of the world, gathered his thoughts and made masterpiece based on it. That’s brave.

I feel his art is very relevant today. I also see many similarities from his lifestyle in the 80s to our generation epoch.

Jean-Michel also carries with him a very strong life story. And just him, as a person, inspires me. He was a man of justice, and found not to be talked condescending to. He followed his dream and had 100% faith in himself all the way. He was also an incredibly inteligent human being. He understood things that he could´t just spit out in the air, it needed a painting to explain what he understands and how he saw things. Personally I think when you can´t put words on what you understand, that’s when you use art to speak. To communicate.

You have to see this documentary of him. Really, just see it.