I am no tradtional young lady. Whenever it comes to tradition, actually. This year the idea was to wear a menswear suit, after been inspired by my journalism exam, where we should write a paper on gender boundaries. Since the 17th may is a celebration of our constitution, I thought I should «demonstrate» by wearing a menswear suit. To demonstrate the gender boundaries, but also to show the empower of clothing. Because it really has. For decades and decades we all have used clothing as a tool. To express ourself, what we want to be and not want to be. Just look at the silhouette change from 1915 to 1920. Already back then women where using menswear suits. The women’s movement and liberation, when the women used cigarettes as a symbol of freedom and independence. Just look back, it´s all there. Look at Jaden Smith for example, dressing up in skirts and women´s clothing. More stores releases unisex collection. Look at our community today. I feel we are moving towards a change, after been standing still for a very long time.


I didn’t end up in a menswear suit. Because; 1. I didn’t have one. 2. I could´t afford a new one (if I still wanted to eat rest of the month.). So I ended up in my beautiful Sandro dress, which I got from my good friend, Ammera, for my birthday. I been waiting for perfect occasion to take the dress for her maiden ride. And 17th may, was that day. Happy Birthday, Norway.