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Arkiv for april 2016


Wearing leather jacket from CARLINGS knit & boots from SAMSØE & SAMSØE and jeans from MONKI

Straight hair, no mascara (that I actually rarely use anymore) and in my favorite jeans and jacket. My leather jacket you all (that read my blog continuously) should by now know wheres from, so I shouldn’t even write where it´s from. I have been sick since sunday, and I forced myself to meet the day. I had Law and Economics classes today, so it was necessary to get out of bed. How I looked and what I was waring wasn´t my priority today. But I think it´s important to show you guys myself on a bad day as well as on a good day.

M O N O G I R L 







Wearing turtleneck from ZARA, skirt from WEEKDAY and purse from SAMSØE & SAMSØE 

I remember when I lived in LA my favorite colors to combine was black and yellow. And once again I am hooked on the color combine. I think I have been inspired by Yayoi Kusama. I only wish I had the same tan that I had when I lived in LA, tho. Yellow is so much better with a darker skin tone. Maybe my yellow crush is me being nostalgic about the sun to shine?

M O N O G I R L 






Good morning everyone! Or is it? At least I hope so. 

Yesterday I was at a press event at Mildh Press to watch the high summer collection SS16. There were lots of lovely colors to see and I can not wait to use all these colors of deep green and blue to mention some. Thanks to Mildh Press for having me!



Marianne was DJ at the event!



One of my absolute favorites from SAMSØE & SAMSØE. Samsøe have made the most amazing jackets and coats!



Love the color and fabric! 

 M O N O G I R L 


(Remember to put on full HD!!!)

Okey. I am sorry about  three things;  that the video is late. I know I promised to post it yesterday, but I had some technical issues. But now it´s here! Yey!   Second sorry; For the opening photo. Haha, what happened with that?  Third sorry;  For my massive bags under my eyes. I haven´t got much sleep lately. So much going on! And I probably should installed brightness to cover it, but what eveeer.

Hope you guys liked it!

Lots of Loooove.

M O N O G I R L 




Hello there beautiful people!

So since I often get a lot of questions about how I do my curls, make them so soft and natural I decided to make a video. I am going to show you guys in a video how I do my «everyday kind of curls», just like in the photos here. I will post the video later when it is ready. So stay tuned! Looots of Love!














M O N O G I R L 

(Remember to watch in full HD!)

Just a little video of my outfit the other day. I love doing this outfit video´s, and I am going to doing more of them. So I hope you like it. Or nah? I have bought myself a new object to my camera since my old one was broken – so now the  quality will be way better. The videos I am planning is also going to be better as well. Stay tuned!



Heey you guys!

So yesterday I had The Free Mind Culture Magazine over at my place. They where looking inside my closet and did a interview with me. I have never been interviewed like this before. They where filming the whole interview, which is very new for me. As an introvert it takes time for me to open up, and I think before I talk so I felt the pressure to answer quickly. I am also a control freak, so I kinda get stressed out when I don´t have control over things. But the team was really nice, so I hope it will turn out great. When it is out, I will let you know  (if I am happy with it, tho. Haha.) Meanwhile you are waiting for my interview to come out, I recommend to check out their side here for some inspiration. They are interviewing a lot of inspiring people and also writes about music, people, culture and fashion. I feel really honored to be asked doing this interview. Like.. Me? I am just little me, you know. Just a girl that loves fashion. But it is so much more to me than fashion. Can´t wait to let you guys get to know me a little better.




M O N O G I R L 







Wearing leather jacket from Carlings, shirt dress from Zara, purse from SAMSØE & SAMSØE, jeans from monki and shoes from H&M studios.