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Arkiv for mars 2015



Wearing coat from Lindex, flare pants from Never Denim and sneakers from Adidas Stan Smith

Happy monday, you guys. Today it was worse waking up than waking up from anesthesia. But I´ll try to find energy some where. I know it is somewhere. Maybe from the sun that plumped up today? I hope so. 

– M.





Photo by Oda Karina Grødem

Some photos of sunday, the end of the weekend. My friend Oda and I started the day with Bikram Yoga (Hot Mojo), brunch at my place and took a sunday walk in Aker Brygge, which is so beautiful. Especially this time of year. Then we sat down at Olivia. I had this fried mozzarella rice balls, that I never had tried before. It was really good, I am glad I tried something new. The perfect hangover food. So juicy and all. Now it is back to reality, happy monday everyone!

Love Monogirl






DSC_1034 copy






Photo by Oda Karina Grødem

 Wearing top from Samsøe & Samsøe, trench H&M, skirt Mango, boots Aldo and shades from Quay

Hello! How was your weekend? Mine was insane good, I have to say. Friday I fell a sleep on the couch after school, probably because I have been overworking. At least it was good to catch up on some sleep. Saturday I worked at the store. It was a good vibe at the store, love working saturdays!! Later I went to my friend Oda for some wine. We ended up going out, of course.. On sunday I woke up with Oda next to me and what we did I will tell you the next post.

Love Monogirl






Photo: Oda Grødem

 Wearing leather jacket from Carlings, sports jacket from Nike and shorts from


Kinda out of my comfort zone, showing of in my training outfit and all – but who cares? It is so important going out of your comfort zone. You will never know what can be out there. And I must say I just found positive sides of yesterday’s morning going out of my comfort zone.

Love Monogirl



So early and so tired, as you can see…

Hi everyone, and happy weekend. Today I was invited by Aviva Helse to start the day with yoga and breakfast with them. Aviva Helse is like an health center that has everything from skin care, products, surgical treatment, hair salon and their own yoga studios. The health center is so beautiful with an good atmosphere.




Hehe, so serious and all..





Mm.. The breakfast consisted of quinoa porridge, gluten-free muffins and vegetable juices. It was so yummy! I had an great and peaceful start on my weekend after a really busy week.


DSC_0150 copy

Not that you can see so much of the screen, haha..

Hi you guys. So for a while a go I did an interview with a online newspaper about my blog. You can read about why I call my blog «monogirl», which I think is the fun part about the whole interview. I never told you guys why I call my blog for what it is called. But now the story is out there. The interview is in Norwegian, of course. So for my international readers, I don´t think you understand nada. But you can translate, if you want to. Hope you like the interview more then I did.

You can read it here: –> http://www.byas.no/article/maren-torsnes-54eae6fcb7db9899558b4582



Love Monogirl






Yesterday I became 22 years old. I started my day at the gym, then school and ended my day with a birthday dinner with good friends and food. We were at a Asian restaurant, near by my apartment, so that was perfect. My favorite food is asian, so of course it had to be asian food on the meny for the evening, when it where my birthday and all. I have the best friends in the world, they gave my so many beautiful gifts. I am so so thankful. And also I love the long text messages I get on my birthday, that means a lot. Nothing warms my heart more then a personal message. Me and words… I should get married with words. It can create so many emotions, right?

Love monogirl

tumblr_nd1l5s2djx1qc3d3uo1_1280 copy

Photo: www.iciio.com // Edit: Me 

 Playing around in photoshop at school today. Working on my skills. What do you guys think?

– M

unnamedPhoto Ammera Khan

Wearing sweater from H&M, leather pants from ZARA, shoes from Filippa K, trench from Lindex and shades from Quay

I am loving this kind of weather. Can wait for summer now. I am drowning in school work and other project. Hope you all are doing good. Well, now it´s back to being busy. Just wanted to jump in and say hi.