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Arkiv for februar 2015


Earlier this week when I where out for lunch with Oda and the birthdaygirl Marielle. Just had to post this yummy food to you guys..

– M




Photos by Oda Karina Grødem.

People tend to work a lot on the outside of themself in this generation, I think. For most people it seems to be more important to work on their ass to grow instead of their brain to grow. If you ask me: «What do you like the most about yourself?», I would say: «My brain.». Everything that is inside of me I express, inside and out. For many years I did not quite understand the expression: «Express yourself with clothes.». I just felt people said that like an apologize for be a fashion victim. Although not they even knew what the statement really meant. But now, on this day I do understand it, and I want you to understand it as well. For example: The faux fur jacket of mine are so big and extreme, and when I put it on people are not afraid to point it out. And that´s okey. But I have been kind of afraid of wearing it, still when I love it so much. But it hit me: «My personality are as big and extreme as this jacket.» By not wearing it, am I trying to hide my personality? So people can not see who I am? So I concluded with myself that: «Okey, that is who I am and I am not going to hide it.» I think it is wonderful how fashion can be a reminder of who you are. Because recently I have been discover new sides of myself that have been crazy to come out. I have this big hunger for success in what I do, and I understand it will come with some consequences along the road. But I am willing to risk. I just needed a little reminder.

Today´s quote from me to you: «Work as hard on your brain as you do on your ass.» 











Wearing faux fur from H&M STUDIO, sweater from SAMSØE&SAMSØE, leather pants from Zara and sneakers from ADIDAS by Stan Smith

Photos by Oda Karina Grødem

Hey you guys! People are starring at me when I wear this extra, big, large, oversized white thing slash faux of mine. But I love it so much that I wear it anyway. Who cares, right? Fuck the law of jante. A friend of mine had her birthday today, so after school we went out for lunch at a italian restaurant called Vapiano. We started drinking wine at 1pm on a weekday. I mean… It´s never to early for a glass of wine on any day, right? We had so much fun eating, drinking and talking about everything like we girls do when we click.

Hope you all are good?

– M.

Victoria Beckham AW 2015


Victoria Beckham have become one of my favorite designers true the years. I love how she is able to match up feminine, masculine and minimalist. This collection I didn´t love everything. For me it was so-so, to be honest. But I still have an open mind about the collection and can´t wait to see her clothes off the catwalk and in the streetstyle kind of way.


– M. 





Vixen Blog Awards 2015 

Totally forgot to post some of the photos from Vixen. Me and my girls came in all black all everything, not so

shocking. Besides that I was really happy for those who won their prices, especially for Polliani – one of my favorite Norwegian blogger. We ended the night early since we had school the day after. School comes first, you know. But it was fun to just get dressed up, show up and have a look at all the fancy people and be there.

– M.


Wearing V neck knitted sweater from Bikbok.

Happy Valentine dear readers! I was going to a vegan meditation party with a friend for valentine, but the planes changes – so I ended up with a box of strawberry tofu ice cream and a bunch of love movies – how fucking cliche? Anyway, I am sending you all a lot of love.

– M.


Jacket from SAMSØE&SAMSØE fall collection SS2015 and pants from SAMSØE&SAMSØE.

Hi you guys! Yesterday we had a meeting with all the Samsøe stores in Oslo at the head office. It is always fun to learn more and get more knowledge, I think it is so important. We also looked at the fall collection ss2015, and it is insane. Like, I want everything in the same thing I want everything to eat.

– M.






Wearing trench coat from Lindex, sweater and skirt from bikbok, Adidas by Stan Smith and purse from Marc Jacobs.

Hi you guys! Just some words on the side with the photos, you know – it can be lonely with only a salad without any thing with. Soo. Life is good. A lot of school and work, but I make sure I have time for the best thing in my life; my friends.  Hope you all are doing good as well? If not, remember to take care.

– M. 


Noen ganger kjøper jeg plagg som jeg føler trenger en liten touch for å bli helt perfekt. Det var tilfellet med en jakke jeg kjøpte for ikke så lenge siden på bikbok. Den stakk rett ut nede, og jeg følte proposjonene bare ble helt feil – i hvert fall på meg. Det dro antrekket ned, i stedet for å løfte det. Som da resulterte i at jeg så lavere og bredere ut, og det trenger jeg ikke. Jeg fikk litt tvangstanker av hele jakken for hver gang jeg tok den på, og fikk det ikke helt til å funke. Så jeg tok en tur innom panduro for å kjøpe noen redskaper for å gjøre et par endringer med jakken.


Du trenger: 1. gummistrikk, 2. saks, 3. binders

Stikk et hull i åpningen for å få strikken inn.10961899_409735319185221_1396744449_n

Fest strikken på en binders, for å gjøre det lettere å tre den helt gjennom.


Når du er ferdig kan du lage knutter eller kjøpt knapper for å feste strikken. 


Slik ble resultatet: 

Jakken ser faktisk finere ut før på bildene, men når man ser jakken på er den finner etter uten tvil.

Hva synes dere?

– M.