1. Green smoothie for breakfast will give quite an kick-ass start of the day, at least if I´m talking on my behalf.  You need: A half avocado, a hand of spinach, tablespoon of wheat grass, tablespoon of spirulina, a bit of soya milk and cut up some cucumber. Then Voilá!

2. I am a BIG avocado-lover. I eat at least one avocado during the day.  It is so good for the skin and it taste amazing.

3. Gel pads for tired eyes? Yes please! After this I feel more awake and fresh, with other words; I´m ready to rocke the day! You can buy them here.

4. Now that summer is here, the sun dries our skin out.  That´s why it is so important to keep your skin moisturized.

XX, Maren.